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단.무.지. 되자
단순 / 무지막지 / 지속력
Keep it simple / Stay on Course / Never give up
2020년 wORSKHOP - Jinha shin



업의 특성상 발로하는 비지니스, 움직이는 비지니스, 생각한 것을 실행하는 실행력이 없이는 성과없는 비지니스가 되고 만다. 생각해야하지만 단순하게, 할 수 있는한 무지막지하게, 꾸준한 실천력이야말로 2021년 UNI에게 꼭 필요한 덕목이다.

This is a business of immediacy of action. Without execution, even your best plans will produce nothing.

단무지되자 ! (단순 / 무지막지 / 지구력)

Keep it Simple, Stay on Course, Never Give Up.

2020년  Workshop - Jinha Shin

UNI Training Contents

I. UNI Five Day Basic Training

All agents must take the UNI Five Day Basic Training. It covers the foundations of what UNI is and what UNI does for our clients and agents. Many of the training materials consist of concepts and basic knowledge of money related areas of life. Once an agent becomes a trainer, the trainer must be able to perform the basic training concepts. Concepts: UNI 1st Day, Mortgage Concept, UNI-Flip Chart, UNI System, MD Checklist/PPL

II. Workshop

Mandatory agent meetings are held every Tuesday at 7:00pm ET, where agents get together to receive announcements, share experiences, and continue their professional training. Most UNI classes are knowledge and practice based training sessions but the workshop is all about shaping the proper mindset, motivation, and leadership qualities so other agents can benefit. These meetings are crucial for the agents to create and maintain long-term business structures with UNI.

III. Product Training

Product training classes cover all the major Life and Annuity products we carry. These classes are limited to licensed agents or individuals who own the product being discussed. Only a licensed agent is allowed to discuss the products we offer.


SUB = Step Up Business NAO = New Agent Orientation This event happens occasionally throughout the year when a group of new agents have joined our network. UNI welcomes all new members to our network with support and training.

V. Intensive Class

This is a series of classes where participating agents meet together with a trainer to learn and practice different types of presentations, share experiences, and build client meeting skills. This class is designed to offer a safe environment where agents can practice new skills and strategies with expert trainers.

VI. Advance Class

This is a series of classes for agents who are trying to become a Marketing Director (MD). This class teaches potential MDs the proper goals and necessary training needed to become a successful business owner in our industry. Qualifying candidates must be recommended by their MD and approved by the CEO to participate in this class.

VII. Video Library

Many of the training classes and special events are recorded and uploaded on this website. Agents can find training classes performed by different trainers. Agents can go back and review topics by their favorite trainers. Training videos are password protected. Agents will need to ask for the password from their Marketing Director.