A Financial Services Marketing organization

SINCE 2009

UNI Worldwide Financial Marketing is founded on the goal of improving the client’s overall experience by providing specialized financial assistance from established professionals.

Our mission is helping individuals and families create a financial strategy that is right for them. UNI Worldwide Financial Marketing provides our clients with opportunities for fundamental change, financial education, and solutions to achieve economic freedom.

Kenny Shin

Founder / President / CEO

Dream Big and Prepare Thoroughly. 

UNI Personnel


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Kenny Shin

Founder / CEO / President


CEO / V. President

Jason Lee

UNI property & Casual Director

BinHak Im

UNI Tax Services, CPA

Mark Lee

NJ / Corporate trainer


Foreign National specialist

Hyeon Joo LEE

GA / Corporate trainer

Samuel Kim

NJ / Foreign National specialist

Eunjoo Kim

NC / Agent Support

Joshua Shin

GA / Agent Support

Caroline Pak

Property & Casualty Staff

Courtney Williams

GA / Agent Support

Kevin Dieter

GA / Agent Support

Jennifer Choi

NC / Branch Director

Timothy Shin

GA / Agent Support